Chris, The Tropical Plant Guy

Chris The Tropical Plant GuyHey,

I’m Chris, the Tropical Plant Guy!

I have been obsessed with growing exotic and tropical plants since first meeting Will Giles many years ago, the OG of exotic and tropical gardening in the UK.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was in his garden every weekend, and ended up working from his office on and of for a few years whilst I was freelancer photographer (and still am!)

After coming back from 9 months in the tropics I decided I would take this site bit more seriously, and Will helped me with some of the original posts and information, and the inspiration.

I’ve been growing tropical plants ever since, and since moving into our family home 5-6 years ago (finally with our own garden rather than renting) I gradually starting changing the original horse paddocks and scrubby lawn into something a bit nicer.

It has always been very much on a budget, growing most plants from seeds, or cuttings from friends, facebook groups, end of year deals etc, so appreciate a bargain, especially these days when prices are so high for plants.

The first thing I did when we moved in was poly tunnel, in fact I had set aside cash from the house budget to make sure we had one. Although a high cost to start with, it has allowed me to overwinter, and grow so much more that I would have been able to otherwise. It has already paid itself back more than once.

Anyway, hopefully this site will be of use to someone, and appreciate you making it this far down and reading!

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