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Tropical Gardening Questions and FAQs

  • Are tree ferns deciduous?

Are tree ferns deciduous?

Tree ferns such as Dicksonia Antarctica are generally not deciduous in their natural location, but can become deciduous in colder climates. Are tree ferns deciduous? Deciduous means that a plant will annually [...]

  • Are Tree Ferns Hardy?

Are Tree Ferns Hardy?

While certain ferns do require particular growing circumstances, tree ferns are resilient, easy to cultivate and add a unique appeal to a variety of garden settings. In general, tree ferns are long-living hardy plants. [...]

  • Large Specimen Acer palmatum dissectum Firecracker - Japanese Maple - Approx. 110-150cms

How to Re-pot an Acer Tree

Acer trees or Japanese maples are beautiful trees ideal for pots, not only because they are slow growing but also because they can very much be enjoyed by those with small yards or gardens despite [...]

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