While certain ferns do require particular growing circumstances, tree ferns are resilient, easy to cultivate and add a unique appeal to a variety of garden settings. In general, tree ferns are long-living hardy plants. A Dicksonia Antarctica planted in sheltered UK garden should be fine through the winter in almost all winters. However in heavy snow, or extended ice and bad weather, stuffing straw in the crown and wrapping with horticultural fleece should be enough to keep the growing crown safe through the harshness of winter. 

Buy Dicksonia antartica tree ferns online.Will Tree Ferns Survive the Winter?

In the winter, deciduous tree ferns do not stay green as the frozen fronds will turn brown from frost damage. If you choose tree ferns that are appropriate for your zone, they will survive the winter quite well.

How Cold Hardy Are Tree Ferns?

A cursory look at tree fern cold hardiness reveals a few general characteristics. To begin with, one cannot generalise about the hardiness of all tree ferns because each species is unique. Second, the majority are from tropical or moderate temperate climates with few temperature extremes. Third, a fern’s ability to resist a specific temperature will vary based on other parameters such as frost duration, degree of exposure, and fern size. As a result, the temperature estimates presented are only intended as an approximate estimate of a tree fern’s hardiness. 

Which Is The Hardiest Tree Fern?

Northern Maidenhair, one of the hardiest tree ferns, may be grown in zones 2 through 8. It has small, delicate leaves and can reach a height of 18 inches (46 cm). It prefers rich, moist soil and thrives in both partial and full shade

Hardy ferns can withstand cold winter temperatures and can be grown year-round outside. Many ferns can withstand both cold and heat, making them ideal garden plants for the South.

What Do You Do With Tree Ferns in Winter?

As mentioned above, the Dicksonia Antarctica  will be fine as they are through the winter, and just stuffing some straw in the crown before the snow falls. If there is going to be an extended period of frozen weather wrap the top half of the trunk and the crown in horticultural fleece to stop it from damaging the core. 

Further Reading & Common Tree Fern Questions

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Last Modified: September 6, 2022