Calathea orbifoliaCalathea orbifolia, the famous house plant, is known for its lush big green leaves which help in purifying the air in the surroundings.This magnificent indoor plant is decorated with silver lines that make its appearance more prominent.

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In today’s spotlight we take a closer look at this indoor beauty!

Calathea is in the limelight because of its gorgeous appearance and the dramatic aura it creates in the room it is placed in. If you are mesmerised by these beauties and are considering making them a part of your garden indoor or out, there are some tips mentioned below that will help you in taking care of these beauties!

Where should I position Calathea orbifolia?

Direct sunlight is considered good for leafy green plants as they photosynthesise in the sun but Calathea orbifolia’s leaves become dull and lose their silver lines in direct sunlight. These plants are sensitive to the harsh sun rays which is why it is best to put them in shade where they can get enough diffused sunlight in order to thrive. These plants don’t require direct sunlight. If placed in water or too damp soil, they lose their shiny leaves and have an impaired grow also. The best water condition for Calathea orbifolia is slightly damp soil which should be kept that way all the time by sprinkling very little water. You can use a spray bottle to light dampen the soil and leaves. If you live in an area which gets a lot of sun then these are your ideal plants, as it will allow for great indirect light.

What temperatures are best for Calathea orbifolia?

Calatheas can endure high temperatures but warm temperatures are ideal for their growth. They can also endure low temperatures but not anything lower than 15 degrees. These plants need good ventilation, so it is preferred that these are placed in a room that receives a lot of fresh air and has windows for proper ventilation. These ornamental leaves require a lot of care but it is worth it since they emanate very peaceful vibes anywhere they are placed.

How much humidity does Calathea orbifolia need?

High humidity helps the ornamental leaves to maintain their glossy texture which is why it is advised to keep a wet stone tray underneath it or place them in the shower from time to time for high humidity.  If these options are not doable then you can also put it in your kitchen for some period of time for increased humidity. Don’t forget to use a spray bottle to mist the leaves.

Should I feed Calathea orbifolia?

To enhance growth, nitrogen fertilisers are used for Calatheas once a month or sometimes twice dispensing on the growth of the plant. An important point to consider while using fertiliser is that the application should be a thin layer and it should be used during the growing season which is during summer. The big surface area of the leaves means that it is easy for dust particles to settle and create a layer of dust on top, which could cause the leaves to lose their shine. You might have seen brown tips on the leaves of some of calathea orbifolia which is mostly because of leaf shiners, there is no need to use such things on these leaves instead gently damp a cloth to clean off any dust from the leaves.

How big does Calathea orbifolia grow?

This tropical house plant can grow upto a 100 cm which is ideal for keeping inside the house as growth is not rapid. Lastly, these plants require space to grow which is why they come in big pots which do not restrict the growth of their roots. If too small of a pot is used they will have to be repotted once the roots grow, however, it is suggested that they should not be potted in a small pot to begin with. The zebra like plant will become the centre of attention without even any flowers on it and if you already have these inside your house then make sure you maintain them well!

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Last Modified: June 8, 2022