We already know the basics about Gunneras (if not, please read the gunnera grow guide), what the plant is and how to grow it in the ground. So far, we have made no mention of growing Gunnera in pots or tubs. Gunnera is a large plant and is more often grown directly in the ground rather than in pots due to its size (and invasiveness)

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The question here is if it is possible for Gunnera to also be grown in pots, containers and tubs and how well the plants will fair when not grown in the ground. Well, the answer is yes. Gunnera can grow and thrive in pots, tubs, and other containers as long as certain conditions are met.

Can Gunnera be grown in pots or tubs?

Can Gunnera be grown in pots or tubs?

Conditions to grow healthy gunneras in containers

  • The containers and pots should be large: We already know that gunnera is a large plant so if you must plant it in containers you need to ensure that the container is large enough to provide enough space for the Gunnera plant to grow as inhibited for several years.
  • The potting soil must be rich: Gunnera grows best in organically rich soil with lots of compost and humus. So, the soil you use when planting Gunnera in a pot should as well follow these characteristics and should be rich in organic matter and fertile.
  • Water supply must be constant: Gunnera loves moisture and that is why wet and boggy areas are ideal for planting. When growing in pots, the location is no longer as important, but you need to ensure the water requirements of the plants are met. You will need to ensure that the roots of the Gunnera plants are kept moist through endless watering on a timer or an automated irrigation system.

How do you maintain a potted Gunnera plant?

Maintaining a potted Gunnera plant is as easy as maintaining a Gunnera plant in almost any location. 

  • Feed your gunnera plant: Gunnera plants are large plants, and their size is supported by constant and heavy feeding so you need to make sure you are feeding your potted gunnera frequently with compost and fertiliser. The first potting soil should also contain some fertiliser to give it a great start.
  • Provide sufficient sunlight: Gunnera is a sun lover but it does not do well in hot and dry weather conditions so while you are providing it with sunlight, always ensure that the roots are kept moist so that the sun doesn’t hurt your plant. Select a sheltered area where your plant will get full sun for most of the day.
  • Provide winter protection: Just like with outdoor gunnera in the ground, you need to protect your gunnera plant from winter and frost. You can choose to move your potted gunnera plant indoors, but the size of the plant may not permit you and the environmental conditions indoors may hurt your plant as well. The best bet is to provide your potted gunnera with the same type of winter protection that outdoor gunner plants receive. We have a dedicated article on how to over winter gunnera here. 

Come the spring you’ll be able to divide your gunnera as normal to get even more Gunnera in your garden!




Last Modified: May 23, 2022