Pindo palms (Butia) are one of the fastest-growing palm trees. They grow a height of 12–24 inches (30–61 cm) per year. They can take anywhere between 5 and 10 years to achieve maturity. Of course, regular addition of fertiliser and proper care can help plants grow faster.

How Long Does It Take A Jelly Palm Tree To Produce Fruit?

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Annually, pindo palms produce self-pollinating fruits that grow almost undisturbed. A Pindo palm fruit has a three to four-month growth cycle, but once ripe, it must be picked immediately for good germination.

Do Pindo Palms need Full Sun?

These compact palm trees thrive in a variety of conditions, from partial shade to full sun. Pindo palms can be cultivated in full sun or light shade with a south, east, or west-facing orientation. A somewhat shady situation should be selected for longer fronds.

How Tall Does A Pindo Palm get?

Pindo palms, also known as jelly palms, mature at a height of 15 to 20 feet (4.5-6 m.) and a trunk diameter of 1 to 1.5 feet (31-46 cm.). Flowers come in groups of two male flowers and one female flower and can be red, white, or yellow.

How Long Does A Pindo Palm Live?

The Pindo Palm with its extraordinary features can live up to 8 decades (80 years)

How Much Is A Pindo Palm?

The price of a Pindo palm will vary depending on the species you want. Outdoor palms are usually more expensive than indoor palms. Depending on the species and size, you can expect to pay anywhere from £15 to £800+ for a Pindo palm.

Do Pindo Palms Have Thorns

The petioles of Pindo palm trees bear thorns or spines around their edges, where the leaves attach to the trunk.

How Do You Grow Butia Palm? 

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Pindo palms can thrive in full sun or light shade, and in any soil that is somewhat salt-tolerant and has adequate drainage. Pindo palms should be grown in a sheltered location with 1/2 inch of water applied weekly until late spring or early summer. In a sunny bed with fast-draining soil, space the seedlings 15 to 20 feet apart. During their first summer in the ground, water to a depth of 1 inch weekly.

How Do You Germinate Butia Odorata Seed?

You can sow seeds at any time of the year in a propagator.  Maintain a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the day and 20 degrees Celsius at night. Sow in tiny pots or a tray of damp seed compost with 50:50 vermiculite. Germination should happen within three months.

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