Perennials are usually propagated by division in spring or summer. However, the large size of gunnera (not part of the rhubarb family) makes propagation by division quite tedious and difficult.

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Propagating by seed germination is the method that guarantees quick germination and that a true plant will be formed. For the general grow guide for gunneras please click here. 

buy Gunnera manicata online and for saleIn any case, some gardeners still prefer splitting gunnera using the division method because it means that you are starting your plant as an already established tree which makes caring for it easier. If you are wondering how to divide gunnera, this article will act as a short guide on how to do it without hurting your plant and caring for the new plant after division.

How do you split gunnera?

Gunnera division is best done in early spring between April and May before the main growth for the season begins. The division of the plant is much like taking a slice of pizza from a box. Here are 4 simple steps to divide your gunnera plant easily. 

  • Prepare the planting site: Just like seed propagation mix organic matter into 10-12 inches of the topsoil using a dirt shovel. To improve soil drainage in the planting spot you can add some perlite whether it is in the ground or gunnera in pots and tubs.
  • Divide the gunnera: At the beginning of the growing season in Spring or after the blooming in June, you can divide the gunnera. Simply push a dirt shovel or garden fork into the soil at a distance of at least 1 to 2 inches away from the main plant roots and lift with the tip of the shovel.
  • Clean the rhizomes/roots: After lifting the root/rhizomes, brush off the dirt or rinse it off with water. Select rhizomes that have up to 4 healthy stems growing from them and separate them by hand or with a sharp knife.
  • Plant the divided rhizome: Proceed to plant the divided rhizomes/roots in the previously prepared plating site at the same depth that they were growing previously. Ensure you space each rhizome at least 5 feet apart but not more than 10 feet. Cover it up with organic matter and water it regularly to keep the soil consistently moist till it is established. In winter, follow these steps to keep your gunnera safe from frosts

Please bear in mind that gunnera is an invasive species in the UK, however it is not poisonous and non toxic to dogs




Last Modified: May 19, 2022