Most gardeners and horticulturists are always eager to get their Buxus plants growing to be able to design them as they want but easily forget that Buxus plants and topiary balls exhibit a slow growth rate and are classified as slow-growing species.

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Most Buxus plants will grow only 10 to 15 centimetres annually and some cultivars may even grow slower at a rate of 6 inches per year or less. 

Buxus sempervirens

Buxus sempervirens

Luckily, there are several ways to make your Buxus plant grow faster, the two most effective ways are discussed in this article. Read more below…

  • Watering the plant: Most plants require water to remain healthy so watering your Buxus plant regularly to keep the soil consistently moist will help release nutrients from the soil faster. This also depends on the weather but generally, 2 to 3 times a week is ideal.
  • Tomato feed: Buxus plants are heavy feeders and sometimes, the nutrients from the soil are not enough to satisfy their growth needs. However, using a liquid tomato feed as a routine fertiliser starting from its growing season in spring is a great way to ensure your plant is healthy and grows a bit faster than its usual slow growth rate.


BUXUS GUIDES & Further Reading

Buxus can be grown into many shapes such as ballspyramidsspiralslollipop, or just hedges and  topiary. Other plants could be used such as spiral bay treesilex crenatataxus baccata or yew for yew balls or twisted yew trees


Last Modified: May 20, 2022