Fargesia Asian Wonder

Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’, a variety of the clumping Umbrella bamboo and also synonymously called Fargesia scabrida ‘Asian Wonder’. It is quite distinct from other Fargesia bamboo plants because the new canes emerge red-purple then slowly fade to green as the plant matures.

This startling cane colour is accentuated when your bamboo is growing in a sunny spot. These beautiful, colourful bamboo canes are densely clothed in evergreen, narrow, leaves.

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It is a medium-sized bamboo plant that grows in an upright dense habit, hence making it ideal for hedging and screening in your garden. Like most other Umbrella bamboo plants, Fargesia ‘Asian wonder is non-invasive and can be grown freely in your gardens or planted in pots and containers as single specimen plants.

Fargesia ASIAN WONDER - Clumping Umbrella Bamboo

Fargesia ASIAN WONDER – Clumping Umbrella Bamboo

Although a new species, this unusually coloured bamboo is quickly becoming a popular bamboo choice for aesthetics, hedging, and screening in domestic gardens. 

How to grow Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’

Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’ is easy to grow when you take note of the ideal growing conditions. Moist, well-drained soil, in a sunny position, will encourage the healthy growth of this bamboo. Although relatively hardy, this plant should be protected from frost and dry winds before they get established. 

Where should I position Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’ in my garden?

The unusual colour of the canes of this bamboo is best achieved in sunny spots so a position in your garden with full sun exposure or dappled sunlight is ideal. Pick a planting spot facing south, east, north, or south.

How tall does Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’ grow and spread?

Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’ is a fast-growing species and can grow up to 4 metres in a decade or less. It spreads only about 1.5 metres in the same timeframe.

What kind of soil does Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’ need?

This beautiful bamboo is easy to grow in moist but well-drained soil. Clay or loamy soil that is slightly acidic is a great option for planting Fargesia ‘Asian wonder’.

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