Fargesia Rufa

Fargesia Rufa is a handsome, evergreen, clump-forming, fountain shaped bamboo variety that creates an interesting view in your garden all year round. It is commonly called Fountain bamboo, dragon-head bamboo, or hardy bamboo all as a significant reference to its features and growth habit.

Its lush green foliage sits on slender, glossy, bright green canes that delicately arch under the weight of the foliage giving it a fountain look. As new growth emerges at the beginning of the growing season, pink-orange, or red sheaths adorn the foliage and canes. Also, its foliage appears as a shiny bluish-green tint on the top surface and a dull grey-green on the underside.

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This non-invasive clumping bamboo variety is tough and hardy and thus extremely adaptable to several climate conditions as well as container growth.

Fountain Bamboo Fargesia rufa

Fountain Bamboo Fargesia rufa

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How to grow Fargesia Rufa

Fargesia Rufa has only recently been adapted for garden cultivation as privacy screens, barriers for gardens, and sometimes hedges. It is a tough plant that grows relatively well on its own without much monitoring and fuss. Also, it should be grown in moist, well-draining soil in full or partial shade.

Fargesia Robusta - Clumping Rufa Bamboo

Fargesia Robusta – Clumping Rufa Bamboo

Where should I position Fargesia Rufa my garden?

Fargesia Rufa is a part shade lover but can also tolerate full sun exposure. The South, west, or east-facing aspect is ideal to get the best colour for the foliage and canes.

How tall does Fountain bamboo grow and spread?

Fountain bamboo is moderately sized and can grow up to 3 metres in its lifetime while spreading to about 1.5 metres.

What kind of soil does Fargesia Rufa bamboo need?

Though this bamboo is drought tolerant, it will appreciate soil moisture as long as the soil drains well. Clay or loamy soil that is acidic, alkaline or neutral is ideal for growing this bamboo species.

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