Canna Stuttgart – White & Green Variegated Canna

Canna Stuttgart is also referred to as Indian shot Stuttgart, Arrowroot Stuttgart, and Arrowroot striata is a cultivar of Canna indica belonging to the genus Canna of the Cannaceae family, native to tropical and semi-tropical areas. This deciduous, flowering plant has its habitat as wet boggy areas and close to water.

Canna Stuttgart

Canna Stuttgart

Canna Stuttgart is a perennial plant with flamboyant foliage that features bold, banana-like mid to grey-green leaves bearing stripes of green, white, and cream shades. It has robust and sturdy stems which bear peachy orange to pale apricot flowers that fade to pink, making an appearance from midsummer through to autumn. Plants of the Canna Stuttgart variety can be sterile or almost sterile, hence may not produce seeds.

It is an ornamental plant grown for its tropical-looking, variegated foliage more than its flowers. Canna Stuttgart plants are one of the tallest growing cannas and are capable of growing to a height of 6 to 9 feet.

Growing And Caring For Canna Stuttgart

Propagation Method:

Canna Stuttgart plants are propagated by seeds or division.

Growing Conditions:

Canna Stuttgart plants are low-maintenance plants that require little care. They are also fast-growing and blooming plants that dedicate their vigour to flowering within a short period.

The best time to plant the Canna Stuttgart plant is in spring, and they can be planted directly into the ground, in containers, or in shallow water.

Soil: This plant will tolerate most soil types, from average to fertile soil. They have a preference for loosened to moderately moist soil of acidic, neutral, or alkaline nature.

Light: Canna Stuttgart plants prefer to grow in sunny to sheltered conditions. They require bright spaces; hence the full sun is ideal. Although they are tolerant to dappled and partial shade as prolonged exposure to the sun could cause their leaves to become scorched and dry off to brown.

Water: They thrive well in water, thus having high moisture and water needs.

Temperature: Canna Stuttgart plants prefer warmer temperatures, as this aids their growth. They are sensitive to low temperatures and frost, having a minimum temperature requirement of -1 to 15 degrees Celsius and above.

Winter care: Canna Stuttgart plant, especially the crown and roots should be protected from winter frost. This can be done by lifting and storing the rhizomes in a frost-free location to be planted after the risk of frost has passed; or by keeping them in the ground, covered with dry mulch that is slow-releasing.

Pruning: Canna Stuttgart plants require little or no pruning.

Fertiliser: Canna Stuttgart plants enjoy monthly feedings with fertile organic compost, as regular feeding is essential for maximum growth and bloom.

Insects and Diseases: Canna Stuttgart plants are deer, rodents, rabbits, and squirrel-resistant; and attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators. They can be susceptible to Canna viruses and aphids, caterpillars, glasshouse red spider mites, and slugs.

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