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Acer brilliantissimum is a small, hardy tree that is perfect for small gardens and courtyards. It is also known as Brilliantissimum Sycamore Maple.

Its leaves are broad and palmate like. Plus, they emerge bright pink in spring, turning pale yellow in early summer and then dark green in the late summer.

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Like other deciduous trees, it sheds its leaves in fall. In spring, Acer brilliantissimum produces greenish-yellow flowers which yield winged red fruit in fall.

How to grow Acer brilliantissimum?

This beautiful tree is very easy to grow and maintain and can be planted all year round. This is done by digging a hole just as deep as the root mass and then gently placing it in the planting hole. You can cover it up with a mixture of sand and mulch.

Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum

Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum


Water the surrounding soil generously. To ensure your plant remains healthy, you must water it three times a week in summer and spring and once a week at other times. You may apply some multipurpose fertiliser around the plant base in late spring. Pruning is not required but you can check for damaged or diseased stems and take them out in winter when the plant is dormant.

Where should I position Acer brilliantissimum in my garden?

Acer brilliantissimum may be planted facing south, west, east or north. It should be positioned in full sun or partial shade. Siting this plant in a complete shade will harm the size and colour of its leaves. There will be stem thinning and the plant will start to wilt. It will die off eventually.

How tall does Acer brilliantissimum grow?

Acer brilliantissimum is a slow-growing tree, reaching an ultimate height of 25 feet in a period of two to five decades.

How much does Acer brilliantissimum spread?

On average, a fully mature Acer brilliantissimum tree has a maximum spread of eight metres.

What kind of soil does Acer brilliantissimum need?

This beautiful tree can be planted in clay, sandy or loamy soil that is moist and well-drained. The soil pH may be acidic, alkaline, or neutral.

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