Tomato Feed For Acers

Acers are slow-growing shrubs that can be propagated from seeds in late winter or early spring and are capable of growing 4 to 30 feet tall, depending on the variety. 

Organic tomato feed

Organic tomato feed that can be used for Acers!

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For healthy growth, they can be fed with a general-purpose and slow-release liquid feed, such as tomato feed in early spring and summer. Fluid algae, fish blood, bone meal, or an ericaceous meal once a month can also be employed. 

How is Tomato Feed Used?

Tomato feeds are liquid feeds commonly used on container-grown, fruiting and flowering plants. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other filler macro-nutrients that encourage the yield of buds, fruits, and general growth. Although most tomato feeds are labelled specifically for tomatoes, they can also be beneficial to other plants, Acers inclusive. 

Tomato feeds consist of a blend of important nutrients to give a special formula that produces the best results. Nourishing a plant with the individual nutrients may lead to high or concentrated doses of the nutrients that might harm your plant.  READ: What should I plant with Acers?

What Are The Nutrients In Tomato Feed?

Potassium: It helps in the development of resistance to some diseases and encourages the rapid growth and production of flowers and fruits, due to its important role in photosynthesis.

Nitrogen: It aids foliage appearance by promoting twig and leaf growth, it also serves as a balance for the potassium content. Phosphorus is vital for the development of roots and fruits; it is an important nutrient in the initial and final stages of growth and establishment.

Application and Usage

Other fertilisers can be used to feed Acers up until blooming or fruiting time and then switched to tomato feed when the flowers begin to set fruits. Tomato feed is best sprinkled around the base of Acer plants, topping it at least once a week. Although not harmful when used in plentiful, the rate of dilution and frequency should be followed as specified on the product label.

Tomato feed appropriate for Acers should contain three times more nitrogen than phosphorus. Excess nitrogen leads to bushy plants with little or no fruit, but the ideal tomato feed should indicate a higher percentage of Nitrogen with an NPK (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) ratio of 10-4-6, 16-4-8, or 12-4-8 unless a soil test shows that phosphorus and potassium are adequate. 

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