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Acer Jerre Schwartz – Japanese MapleJerre Schwartz is a magnificent, tiny Acer palmatum Japanese maple that has unusual, deeply lobed leaves that start off brilliant pink, then darken to maroon, and finally green as they age. Throughout the growing season, new growth in crimson tints provides interest before the leaves turn dark red in the autumn.

This is a small type that grows to only 4.5 feet in ten years and is ideal for smaller gardens, like a pot specimen, or to give variety to your Japanese maple collection. It thrives in the most fertile and well-drained soils requires partial shade from full sunlight and protection against strong winds.

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Growing and Caring for Acer Jerre Schwarts

When it comes to care and maintenance, Japanese maples are easy to care for. It requires moist but well-drained soil to thrive. Partial shade is better for leaf colour, although full sun can be tolerated.

Acer Jerre Schwartz - Japanese Maple

Acer Jerre Schwartz – Japanese Maple

This maple, Acer Jerre Schwartz – Japanese Maple, like all maples, is very easy to care for. It does not necessitate any kind of trimming regimen but you can remove any branches that are dead or damaged when the plant is entirely dormant. The best season to prune is late autumn or winter. READ: What should I plant with Acers?

People frequently inquire about the optimum site for planting this Japanese maple. The first and most important thing to note is to plant in a location that gets full exposure to sunlight but is also shady, as direct strong sunlight can be harmful to it.

This lovely plant offers a splash of colour to your yard and can be used as a patio plant and container plant.

Where to plant  Acer Jerre Schwartz

This plant is relatively easy to grow and can be planted in any season. It is propagated by semi-softwood cuttings in spring.

To begin, prepare the planting site by weeding, then dig a square hole that is just as deep as the root mass and twice as wide. Then place the root mass in the hole and cover up with 50/50 soil and compost. Water thoroughly in the first few months.

Growing conditions for Acer Jerre Schwartz

Soil: Japanese maples are known to be grown in moist but well-drained acidic or neutral soil. Part shade is better for leaf colour, while the full sun can be tolerated. When leaves are young, they can be scorched by dry soil or excessive exposure to frost, sun, or wind. Read more: Acer Soil PH and Acer compost types.

Water: During hot, dry weather, you may need to water once a week to keep the leaves from browning and wrinkling around the edges. Water container trees regularly to keep them from drying out. In hot conditions, this may mean at least once a day.

Light: This Japanese sweetheart, like every other Japanese maple, likes full sun to partial shade. Avoid direct contact with harsh sunlight as it is critical to its growth and health.

Pruning: We know when it comes to pruning, the majority of Japanese maples require less of it. There is no need for pruning, but it can be lightly pruned to shape.  More: How to prune acers.

Size: This slow-growing deciduous shrub or small tree grows to 4′–5′ tall and wide in 10 years.

Position: The best position for this Japanese maple ‘Jerre Schwartz’ to be grown is in the sun or partial shade for optimal results. Keep it out of the hardest winds to avoid leaf scorch.

Colour: The deeply lobed leaves of this miniature Japanese maple start bright pink-red before turning darker maroon, then green as they grow. Throughout the growing season, new growth in crimson tints provides interest before the leaves turn dark red in the autumn.

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