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Acer palmatum Dissectum Emerald Lace Japanese MapleAcer palmatum Dissectum Emerald Lace Japanese MapleAcer palmatum ‘Emerald lace’ is a dissected cultivar of the Acer palmatum genus.

Its foliage is made up of emerald green, lacy leaves that are deeply dissected, hence its name. It is a vigorous, spreading deciduous tree with long loosely hanging branches that give it a semi-upright habit and stands out beautifully in the landscape.

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How To Grow And Care For Acer Palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’

Acer palmatum Emerald Lace

Acer palmatum Emerald Lace

Japanese maple ‘Emerald lace’ can be propagated from grafting or softwood cuttings. It is best planted in spring to achieve the best foliage tones, although it can be planted in any other season.

To grow Acer palmatum ‘Emerald lace,’ firstly, prepare the planting area by removing all weeds and grasses up to 1 metre from it. Next, dig a hole that is as deep and twice as wide as the root mass so that it can fully contain it. Then place the root mass in the hole and cover with a 50/50 mixture of soil and compost. Finish up by watering generously.

Acer palmatum Emerald Lace

Acer palmatum Emerald Lace

What size is the Acer Palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’?

It is a vigorous, deciduous, and fast-growing tree that grows up to 13 feet in both length and diameter.

What Growing Conditions are needed for Acer Palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’

Emerald lace is a low-maintenance cultivar of the Japanese maple, easy to grow and care for.

Soil: It thrives in organically rich, well-draining, and moist soil. Mulch can be placed at the base of the tree to retain moisture.

Water: Water generously in its early years and in hot and dry seasons to avoid leaf scorch from dehydration. In autumn, leave the watering to be done by rainfall since its acidic nature is healthy for the plant’s foliage.

Light: It can survive in full sun and partial shade. Excess exposure can cause leaf scorch.

Acer palmatum Emerald Lace

Acer palmatum Emerald Lace

Pruning: Pruning is not required but can be done in its dormant season.

Which position is best for Acer Palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’?

It is best to position it west-facing, east-facing, or south-facing where it can get enough sunlight without excess exposure that can hurt its foliage.

What colour is Acer Emerald Lace

Emerald lace starts in spring with a lime-green colour in its leaves and turns emerald green with red edges in summer. It turns burgundy red in autumn before falling off.

Acer palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’ is a popular choice for gardens due to its attractive features:

  1. Foliage: This cultivar is known for its delicate, lacy leaves with serrated edges. The leaves are a bright, emerald green color, which turns into an array of gold, orange, and red hues in the fall. The leaves’ intricate texture and vibrant colors create a beautiful contrast against the tree’s dark branches.
  2. Growth habit: Acer palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’ has a compact, mounding growth habit, making it suitable for small gardens, patios, or as a focal point in larger landscapes. The tree can reach a height of 6-8 feet (1.8-2.4 meters) and a similar width over time.
  3. Hardiness: This cultivar is suitable for USDA hardiness zones 5-9, meaning it can withstand temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C). It prefers well-draining, slightly acidic soil and can tolerate partial shade to full sun exposure. However, in hotter climates, some afternoon shade is recommended to prevent leaf scorch.
  4. Maintenance: Acer palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’ requires minimal pruning, mostly to maintain its shape and remove any dead or damaged branches. Pruning should be done in late winter or early spring before new growth begins to avoid excessive sap bleeding.
  5. Uses: With its striking foliage and compact growth habit, Acer palmatum ‘Emerald Lace’ is a versatile choice for various landscape applications. It can be used as a specimen plant, in mixed borders, rock gardens, or as a focal point in a small courtyard. It can also be grown in a large container, making it a great option for patios and balconies.

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