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Acer palmatum shin deshojo, also referred to as the spring ruby tree, is a short but bushy tree mostly valued for the beautiful colour of its leaves, particularly, in spring. Acer palmatum shindeshojo is a small densely branched tree with pointed, lobed leaves. 

Acer Shin deshojo

Acer Shin deshojo

As it is common for Acer palmatum tree leaves to changes colour with seasons, the leaves of the Japanese maple shindeshojo tree changes colour seasonally. 

Acer Shin deshojo

Acer Shin deshojo

How To Grow And Care For Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo

Acer palmatum shin deshojo is a beautiful tree that can be grown at any time of the year. The planting area should be cleared and kept free of grass that may compete with the shrub for nutrients. The root mass should be placed in square holes deep enough to envelop it. READ: What should I underplant Acers with?

Now that you know how to grow Acer palmatum shindeshojo, after the planting process, ensure that the base of the root mass is watered well.

How tall does Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo grow?

Acer palmatum shindeshojo may grow to as much as 3 metres in height. Its branches spread as wide as 3 metres as well.

Growing Conditions required for Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo

  • Soil: It grows well in moist, slightly acidic, organically enriched soil. Well-drained sandy or loamy soil are bet for this tree.
  • Water: It should be watered frequently in the early years and then regularly in spring and summer.
  • Light: It thrives in a sunny or partially sunny condition.
  • Pruning: Pruning of this tree is done mildly as it requires very little maintenance. It should be done in winter since its growth is quite stunted during this period.

Acer Palmatum Shindeshojo garden position

Acer palmatum shindeshojo grows best when planted in a location with full or partial exposure to light. It thrives when grown in some shelter.

What colour is Acer Shindeshojo

The leaves of this Acer palmatum tree has an attractive bright red colour in spring and gradually fade to green with some sprinkles of white in summer. In autumn, these leaves fade off to various shades of red and orange just before shedding, exposing the deep brown bark and branches of this amazing tree. Its flowers which bloom in the middle of spring are a cross between red and purple.

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