Allium Silver Spring – Learn how to grow & where to buy!

Tulip Black Hero and Allium Silver Spring

Tulip Black Hero and Allium Silver Spring

Allium silver spring is a rare variety of the Allium species professionally cultivated in the Netherlands. It is an attractive medium-sized allium featuring a stunning head of 4-inch white and delicate star-shaped flowers with pink veins making it reminiscent of a fancy cupcake. 

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The flowers attract pollinators by releasing a fragrance of sweet honey. They are also the most attractive part of the allium silver spring and make a stunning focal point in cottage gardens as a centerpiece or when creating beautiful borders.

Growing and Caring For Allium Silver Spring

It is a fast-growing small plant that takes only 1 to 2 years to reach its ultimate height of about 3 feet and sometimes less. Also, it is easily grown by planting its bulbs and the leaves will start to emerge in early spring, followed by its flowers and it lasts throughout autumn.

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Propagation methods

They are propagated by planting the allium bulbs in early to mid-autumn giving it time to be well established before the flowers begin to emerge. Choose a sheltered location where it can be protected from strong winds so that the flower spikes will not be blown away when they emerge. 

Also, they can be planted in containers for easy movement and protection from weather conditions.

Growing Conditions

  • Soil: It will grow well when planted in moist, well-draining soil that is alkaline, acidic, or neutral. In either clay, sand, chalk, or loamy soil.
  • Light: It is best placed in a sheltered position to protect it from strong winds but where it can get full sunlight. A south-facing, west-facing, east-facing, or north-facing position is ideal.
  • Water: Water thoroughly to keep the soil consistently moist and encourage the growth of young roots. A water regimen of once a week is great as it will give the soil time to dry out and will avoid overwatering.
  • Pruning: Pruning is not needed but when the flowers begin to bloom, the leaves start to die, or they can be carefully removed without causing any damage to the allium silver spring plant.
  • Toxicity: They are not toxic but handling the bulbs with bare hands can cause skin irritation and sometimes itching. Wear protective gear like gloves when handling the bulbs.
  • Pests and diseases: It is hardly attacked by pests but often suffers from downy mildew and onion white rot.
  • Temperature and Humidity: It is a hardy plant and can withstand temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius.