Begonias are pretty famous among gardeners because of their flowering patterns and easy maintenance but begonia maculata is known for the polka dot patterns with bright underside colour of leaves which is accompanied by perennial flowers. They belong to the family begoniaceae and another visually appealing aspect of these plants are the white flowers which bloom in spring and autumn. This houseplant will definitely be a showstopper in your house or garden and it does not even require a lot of work for it to stay healthy!

Temperature and Light needed for begonia maculata.

Begonia maculata (House Plant)

Begonia maculata (House Plant)

This polka dot begonia loves humidity and warmth! However, it needs more shade than the other houseplants which is why most of the time people keep this plant inside their houses to avoid direct sunlight. An ideal location for it to get maximum humidity would be bathrooms or your kitchen. The polka dots on the olive green leaves almost seem like they have been painted by someone, giving a very mysterious look to this plant. If you are into plants which have unique patterns, then add this to your collection.

Soil mix and Watering requirements for begonia maculata.

Begonias generally like well drained soil which does not allow water to clog the soil. The same is with these begonias who love well aerated soil that allows the water to quickly seep through. You can find common potting mix  easily which will be suitable for this plant. Make sure to allow the soil to dry before you water it or else moist soil will harm the roots and also promote stunted growth.

Care tips for begonia maculata

This plant actively grows in summer and autumn which is an ideal time to add some water soluble fertiliser which aids in the growth of the plant. It can be applied after every 2 weeks to promote growth of the flowers. These polka dot wonders come from Brazil which explains the need for warmth and high humidity to thrive. Once they get a comfortable soil to grow into, they will reach a height of 1.5 cm with broad leaves which flaunt their beautiful dots! Look out for mildew and bacterial leaf spots which appear due to overwatering or from exposing the plant to a lot of humidity. If you want to keep plants inside your house, then begonias will be a perfect pick and will adjust to your house pretty quickly too. Make sure you don’t forget to give them attention and care so they can flourish.

Where to buy begonia maculata