Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano – Learn, Grow & Where to Buy

Chamaerops Humilis ‘Vulcano’, a cultivar of the hardy, evergreen Chamaerops Humilis of the Arecaceae family is native to the Mediterranean and the Southwest parts of Europe and is one of the only two palm trees that are native to Europe.

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This cultivar can be easily identified by its lack of spines and is also commonly called Mediterranean dwarf palm, European fan palm or just fan palm. It has dense, clump-forming palm with green or silvery, wide, lance-shaped leaves that grow out in a beautiful fan-shaped form.

Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano

Chamaerops Humilis Vulcano

It can also develop one or many more stems. It blooms male and female fragrant flowers in summer. The male flowers are bright yellow while the female ones are yellow-green. The flowers give way to tiny yellowish-orange fruits that become brown as they mature.

Chamaerops Humilis ‘Vulcano’ is an extremely tough, low-growing plant that requires little maintenance to thrive. It can survive in intense heat and cold, dry weather and windy environments.

This cultivar of the European fan can be planted as a border plant, in hedges, homes, courtyards and city and coastal gardens. If planting in a pot, it is best sown in loam-based compost and a slow-release balanced fertiliser can be used to feed your plant monthly during its growth phase.

Like other varieties of the European fan palm, Chamaerops Humilis ‘Vulcano’ should be planted in moist, well-draining, loamy soil with an acidic or neutral pH. It also tolerates low-quality soil and prefers south or west facing position

Light requirements
This plant can do well in full sun or partial shade but note that it will lose its compact form if it is grown in abundant shade

Water requirements
This palm plant requires frequent watering during its growth phase and dry season and it generally doesn’t need surplus water, especially in winter when it requires even less water. Overwatering can cause fungal spots to appear on the leaves.

Chamaerops Propagation
This is best achieved by seed planting in spring or by cutting and replanting suckers in late spring. Ensure that the seeds are kept moist at all times when planting.

Chamaerops Pruning
Although pruning is unnecessary and not recommended, dead or damaged leaves can be cut off to preserve the beauty of your plant. You can also regularly remove suckers if you want your plant to have only one trunk. Try not to over prune the leaves as this can make your plant susceptible to damage from cold.

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