Kentia Palm or Howea forsteriana – Learn, Grow & Where to Buy

Kentia Palm - Howea forsteriana - Buy onlineHowea forsteriana, also known as Kentia palm, sentry palm, or paradise palm is a tropical, evergreen palm, native to Lord Howe Island in the South Pacific, hence its name. They are one of the most popular indoor palms, and the sizes they can attain make them an interesting focal point in any interior setting. They are single-stemmed, evergreen palms with pinnately divided, dark green leaves.

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Although the Kentia palm can live outdoors in tropical regions and warmer climates, it is typically adapted as an indoor plant where it can grow slowly and magnificently without becoming overwhelmingly large.

How to grow Kentia Palm

Kentia palms are generally easy to grow with low maintenance needs. They can thrive in conditions that other houseplants will typically not survive. To grow a happy and healthy Kentia palm tree, try to mimic the tropical conditions of its natural habitat like the warm weather with slightly higher temperatures and high humidity. You can boost growth by feeding your plant with a liquid fertiliser monthly in its growing season.

Older, mature Kentia palms that have been established for about 15 years may produce a 1-metre-long inflorescence of white booms of 3 to 7 spikes, after they bloom, the plant often produces oval to round, red or orange fruits.

Howea forsteriana - KENTIA PALM - The best palm for indoors - Large 140-160cm Specimen

Howea forsteriana – KENTIA PALM – The best palm for indoors

Where should I position Kentia Palm in my garden?

Kentia palms prefer indirect light to full sun. Placing it in a north-facing or east-facing position is a great way to provide sufficient sunlight with partial shade. Bring in over winter though, or just keep in a pot outside to make it easier.

How tall does Howea forsteriana grow and spread?

They are slow growers, continuously growing for about 50 years. They can reach heights of about 12 metres, but typically, indoor plants will not surpass a size of 3 metres in length and 2-4 metres when spreading.

What kind of soil does Howea forsteriana need?

Acidic to neutral loamy soil with good drainage abilities is ideal.

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