Livistona rotundifolia

A handsome house palm tree with glossy, round leaves, Livistona rotundifolia brings style and elegance to a warm, bright room with its architectural presence. It is a strikingly beautiful indoor plant that adds a tropical and exotic feel to any interior space. It is one of the smallest varieties of indoor plants available and will make a great accent plant for a bathroom or kitchen. 

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Its slow growth habit, and air purifying abilities, make it a great choice for indoor cultivation.  It is native to the tropical rainforests of the Somali peninsula in Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. It is named after Baron of Livingston but is also commonly called Fan palm or Footstool palm.

Livistona rotundifolia (House plant)

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How to grow Livistona rotundifolia

Livistona rotundifolia is an easy plant to grow without requiring much maintenance. It is often propagated by seeds in spring and will grow well in bright, filtered sunlight. When planted in organically rich loamy soil, it will grow healthily for most of its life. Remember to take note of temperatures and humidity to encourage the best growth.

Where should I position Livistona rotundifolia in my garden?

Unlike most other palm trees, Livistona rotundifolia does not like the full direct glare of the sun. Instead, you can position your plant where it can get bright and dappled sunlight for at least 12 hours daily. The healthiest foliage is achieved when you grow Footstool fan palm in these light conditions. 

How tall does Livistona rotundifolia grow and spread?

It is not a large palm tree and grows to a height of 2 metres while spreading to just 1.5 metres. 

What kind of soil does Livistona rotundifolia need?

The most appropriate soil type is loamy soil that is well-drained and kept moderately moist.

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