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Phormium 'Black Velvet'

Phormium ‘Black Velvet’

Phormium Black Velvet, also called Flax ‘Black velvet’, like the standard Phormium are evergreen perennials, often used as architectural shrubs. They are an attractive cultivar thanks to their nearly black foliage and usually make a great choice as a border plant or when planted in containers for your patios and terraces. ‘Black Velvet’ is a more recent variety and is considered to possess the darkest purple-black foliage colour among all other dark phormiums.

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The leaves of Black velvet are sword-shaped and have an arching habit. The silvery underside of the dark purple-black leaves creates a beautiful contrast and a strong focal point in any setting.

The flowers, though not as important as the foliage as an attraction are tubular and red-purple, growing on tall panicles in summer.

How to grow Phormium Black Velvet

Like all other phormium plants, it is a low maintenance plant and is propagated by division in spring. When dividing it, ensure that each divided portion has at least 4 strong leaves since it will aid new growth. Make sure that you are planting it in organically rich, moist, and well-drained soil in full sun. You can place this beauty in gravel gardens, flower borders, courtyards, cottage gardens, etc.

Phormium 'Black Velvet'

Phormium ‘Black Velvet’

Where should I position Phormium Black Velvet in my garden?

Flax ‘Black velvet’ is a sun-loving plant and maintains the best foliage colour when placed in full sun or light shade. An east or south-facing aspect is ideal. During the winter, move your container plants to a sheltered position to protect them from frost damage.

How tall does Phormium Black Velvet grow and spread?

Black velvet has an equal height and spread of 0.5 to 1 metre in a period of 2 to 5 years.

What kind of soil does Phormium Black Velvet need?

Chalk, clay, sand, or loamy soil is appropriate for Flax ‘Black velvet as long as it is well-draining and has a pH ranging from acidic to neutral or alkaline.

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