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Phormium colensoi is a beautiful, perennial, evergreen plant that like Phormium Tenax is indigenous to New Zealand and is in the Asphodelaceae family. Synonyms Phormium tenax ‘Sundowner’ & Phormium colensoi ‘Sundowner’ – quite confusing. So below I’ll show links to Phormium tenax ‘Sundowner’

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It is popularly known as mountain flax and lesser New Zealand flax, and it can be found on mountain slopes. It is highly tolerant of wind and salt, which is why it can be also found on coastal cliffs and is great for seaside planting.

How big does Phormium Colensoi get?

This medium-sized plant will reach a height of 1.5 metres with a spread of 1 metre at maturity.

Phormium Sundowner - New Zealand Flax

Phormium Sundowner – New Zealand Flax

What does Phormium colensoi look like?

The leaves of Phormium colensoi are broad, lanceolate shaped and range in colour from light to yellow-green. The leaves are shorter than those of Phormium Tenax. Yellowish orange flowers that turn red when they mature are produced on long stems in summer. The flowers produce nectar that attracts birds and insects. The seeds are born in twisted pods.

How is Phormium colensoi grown?

Although mountain flax will grow best in sandy soil, it will still tolerate loamy, chalky and clay soil that is fertile, moist, and well-drained. The pH of the soil can be acidic, neutral, or alkaline. Compost, peat, or any other organic matter can be used to improve the soil.

Where should I position Phormium colensoi in my garden?

Situate your plant in an east or south-facing exposed or sheltered area of your garden where it will receive full sun.

How is mountain flax propagated?

Mountain flax is most commonly propagated by division, though it can be grown from seeds.

How can I care for Phormium colensoi?

Watering: You will need to water your plant adequately in dry weather and when it is still young to keep it healthy.

Fertilisation: Your plant will benefit from yearly feeding with a balanced fertiliser in spring. Mulching will also help to protect your plant from frost damage, preserve moisture and suppress weeds.

Pruning: Cut off any damaged, diseased, or dead leaves from your plant. You can also deadhead in autumn.

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