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Phormium Maori Queen is a medium-sized, evergreen, deciduous, bushy shrub native to Australia and New Zealand. This perennial is commonly called Flax Lilly ‘Maori Queen’ or New Zealand Flax ‘Maori Queen’.  It is a popular choice for the beautiful spray of colours that it adds to your garden all year round.

Also, the foliage of this regal queen creates a spectacle for the eye as each leaf is striped in multiple combinations of red, green, cream, or pink.

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This species is cold hardy up to -9 degrees celsius and is tolerant of coastal regions and drought.

Phormium Maori Queen

Phormium Maori Queen

How to grow Phormium Maori Queen

Phormium Maori Queen is often propagated by division in spring to start its growing season when the weather is cool and favourable for the new growth of most plants. By summer, its new foliage is grown and set to receive all the sun possible. It is easy to grow and maintain this plant because it is not a hands-on plant. It doesn’t require any pruning but dead and damaged leaves may be removed to keep your plant looking vigorous.

Where should I position Phormium Maori Queen in my garden?

Phormium Maori Queen can be positioned in an exposed or sheltered position with a south, west, or east-facing aspect as long as the plant can get full sun to partial shade for at least 8 hours a day.

How tall does Phormium Maori Queen grow and spread?

It is a medium-sized plant that grows quickly in a decade or less to an equal height and spread of 1.5 metres.

What kind of soil does Phormium Maori Queen need?

Phormium Maori Queen will grow well in chalk, sand, or loamy soil with a pH ranging from neutral to alkaline to acidic as long as it is compost-rich, moist, and well-draining.

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