Phormium Rainbow Queen or Maiden – Buy, Learn & Grow

Phormium ‘Rainbow maiden’ or ‘rainbow queen’ is a clump-forming, deciduous perennial with evergreen foliage. Its leaves grow in a linear, upright habit and arch slightly at the tip.

The foliage colour is the most attractive part of the plants with the leaves being green and sometimes apricot pink to rose red with dark green margins. As the plant matures, it turns to a bronze colour.

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In summer, the plant produces tubular, dull red flowers that accentuate the beauty of the plant in borders and containers.

Phormium Rainbow Queen

Phormium Rainbow Queen

How to grow Phormium rainbow queen

Just like most other phormium plants, ‘rainbow queen’ is a low maintenance plant that can be easily grown in the right conditions. It is propagated by division in spring and grows best in fertile soil when placed in full sun.

Phormium Rainbow Queen

Phormium Rainbow Queen

It is cold hardy like most other phormiums and can tolerate temperatures as low as -9 degrees Celsius. In colder regions with cold and dry winters that may become frosty, you may choose to plant your ‘rainbow queen’ in large containers that can be moved indoors or poor some dry winter mulch on the plant to protect the root system from frost.

Where should I position Phormium rainbow maiden in my garden?

‘Rainbow maiden’ can be positioned south, east, or west-facing as long as it gets full sun or dappled sunlight for most of the day.

How tall does Phormium rainbow maiden grow and spread?

Phormium ‘rainbow queen’ is a medium-sized plant that grows about 2 to 4 feet in both height and diameter. It grows relatively fast and can reach its maximum size in 2 to 5 years. 

What kind of soil does phormium rainbow queen need?

New Zealand flax ‘rainbow queen’ can grow in most soil types as long as the soil is organically rich in compost, consistently moist, and has good drainage abilities. Chalk, sand, or loamy soil will all be good choices.

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