Pittosporum Tom Thumb – How to care for and where to buy
Pittosporum teniufolium tom thumb is a shrub and one of the hardiest plants in the pittosporum species. Just like other plants in this species, it is an evergreen plant, almost perfectly rounded with dark purple leaves sitting on dark stems.

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As a young plant, it bears wavy light-green leaves that start to turn purple as it matures. Pittosporum tenuifolium tom thumb flowers are usually inconspicuous and are the same dark purple colour as the leaves – even though it is only some hybrid variations that bloom these flowers.

Pittosporum tenuifolium Golf Ball (PBR)

Pittosporum tenuifolium is a beautiful hedge plant – alternatively, pittosporum tom thumb companion plants can be ornamental grasses or plants with beautiful foilage like Salvia x jamensis ‘Heatwave Glimmer’, Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’, Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’. More ideas can be found here about what to plant with Pittisporum.

Common Pittosporum include Pittosporum tobiraPittosporum tenuifolium and Pittosporum Tom thumb.

Pittosporum teniufolium tom thumb’s height is about 100cm and its dramatic foliage spreads as wide as 60cm. Read more about how big pittisporum can get if you want to use for a hedge.

How To Grow Pittosporum Tom Thumb

Pittosporum Tom thumb care is fairly simple, see the Pittisporum grow guide. It is a low-maintenance shrub in the right conditions.  It is not propagated from seed but rather is grown from the stems or semi-hardwood in the summer. Read more about Pittisporum propagation here.

Soil: The ideal soil type to grow the plant in is organically rich, moist, but well-draining soil such as loam, sandy soil, or a granite garden. If the roots are constantly left in water, it could result in root rot.

Light: It requires a lot of light because it thrives in full sun exposure. Although it is mostly grown as an outdoor plant, during winter when it is moved indoors it should be kept in a place where it can still be exposed to light, like the attic.

Water: The best way to water a pittosporum tenuifolium tom thumb shrub is to water deeply rather than frequently. This keeps the soil moist but will allow the roots to get some oxygen.

Winter: This evergreen shrub is semi frost hardy, enduring conditions as low as -5 degrees celsius. Even more, you can move smaller plants indoors during winter. Though the plant will not die during winter, the cold winds can seriously damage its foliage.

Pruning: This shrub is also called pittosporum tom thumb ball because it grows round and requires little pruning. Pruning should be done in mid-spring between September and October. After pruning, add a layer of compost around the roots to help the plant recover quickly.

Diseases: Pittosporum tom thumb shrub is prone to powdery mildew and leaf spot though these can be easily treated with the use of fungicides. Read more: How to stop my pittisporum from dying. 

Where to buy Pittosporum Tom Thumb in the UK?

Can you prune pittosporum tom thumb?

Although the tree grows in a bulb shape, you can still choose to prune it. 

When do you prune pittosporum tom thumb?

This small tree requires only minimal pruning and should be done in mid-spring when the tree can still recover before winter growth.

Does the pittosporum tom thumb start green then turn purple?

Yes, the plant starts growing, it produces wavy light-green leaves that turns purple at maturity

Is pittosporum nutty’s leprechaun as hardy as pittosporum tom thumb?

These two species of pittosporum tenuifolium have the same level of hardiness as both can tolerate frost of up to -5 degrees Celsius.

Where can I buy New Zealand pittosporum tom thumb in the UK?

You can buy this unique plant at various plant stores online including Amazon and eBay.

Where can I buy pittosporum tom thumb in the UK?

You can find it to buy in plant stores around the UK, or here!