Pair of Premium Quality Topiary Buxus PYRAMIDS - Stylish Contemporary Plants

Pair of Premium Quality Topiary Buxus PYRAMIDS – Stylish Contemporary Plants

Buxus pyramid Box, Buxus sempervirens, is a British native tree that is commonly used for hedging and topiary, or even as decorative Buxus Balls due to its small, evergreen leaves and dense growth. In April and May, it produces insignificant yellow flowers that are rich in nectar and popular with bees.

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Pair of Box Pyramids

Though box plants can grow up to 16 feet tall if left untrimmed, they rarely do because they are clipped on a regular basis. Buxus can withstand a wide range of light conditions, from direct sunlight to dense shade. In hot weather, the plant requires a lot of water, yet it will thrive almost everywhere, even in locations with a lot of frosts. However, for the best growth results, fertilise with a nitrogen-rich fertiliser in the spring and late summer.

Buxus can be grown into many shapes such as ballspyramidsspiralslollipop, or just hedges and  topiary. Other plants could be used such as spiral bay treesilex crenatataxus baccata or yew for yew balls or twisted yew trees

How To Grow Buxus Pyramid

Grow box in full sun or partial shade in moist but well-drained soil. Keep in shape by pruning from mid to late summer and keep an eye out for box blight and box tree caterpillar, both of which can harm the appearance and health of your box plants.

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Where Should I Position My Buxus Plant In My Garden?

Buxus thrives in both partial shade and full sun, but the rich evergreen foliage of box topiary is prone to burning, so find a place away from direct sunlight and high winds.

How Tall Does Buxus Grow?

The Buxus pyramid shrub can grow about 3 to 30 feet tall with a diameter of about 20 centimeters.

How Much Does Buxus Spread?

The European native Buxus semperviren spreads up to 2 to 4 feet when fully grown.

What kind Of Soil Does Buxus Pyramid Need?

Buxus plants can thrive in any reasonably well-drained garden soil. The plant favours lime-based soil and in hilly locations with several rock strata, wild buxus sempervirens plants will invade the limestone bands. It does, however, thrive when planted in acidic soil. Sandy, loamy, and clay soils are ideal with a preference for well-drained soil though it can grow in heavy clay soil. Mildly acidic, neutral, and basic (mildly alkaline) soils are all suitable, and they may also grow in highly alkaline soils. It prefers moist or dry soil as well.

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