Ilex crenata balls, also known as Japanese holly, are full hardy shrubs grown for their ornamental value and usually clipped in form of a loose ball. Their tiny evergreen foliage leaves are glossy and toothed, approximately 3cm in length and 2cm wide. Japanese holly produces small, white flowers in spring and summer and then little blackberries in autumn. Other choices could be the standard buxusbuxus ballbuxus pyramid or the spiral bay tree

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How to Grow and Care for Ilex Crenata Balls
Ilex crenata Dark Green

Ilex crenata balls can be grown in decorative pots or directly in the ground and look lovely when planted in rows. They are very easy to grow and need minimal maintenance. 

To plant any variety of this beautiful shrub, you must dig an appropriately sized hole, place the root ball in it and backfill with the dug-out soil and firm around the shrub. 

To keep it healthy and vibrant, you must continue to water regularly until the plant root system is well established. Once that is done, you can start watering once a week except during hot periods when it needs more water. Fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer is best done once a year in early spring when new growth starts to emerge. 

Ilex crenata balls require little pruning and can be done in spring by taking out misplaced and damaged branches. Plants cultivated as hedges should be trimmed in late summer.
Where Should I Position Ilex Crenata Balls in my Garden?
Ilex crenata can be grown in partial shade but a sunny position is preferable. Sun exposure will keep your plant in good health. It may have a north, east, west or south-facing aspect.
What is the Height and Spread of Ilex Crenata Balls?
They have a slow growth rate of ten to twenty centimetres a year. At maturity, it is roughly 19 feet tall and attains a similar spread.
What Kind of Soil Does Ilex Crenata Balls Need?
Ilex crenata balls are suited to humus-rich, moderately fertile soil whether chalky, clay or sandy soil. It thrives in soil that is moist but well-drained with a pH between 4.5 and 6.5 to grow a sturdy shrub.

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