Pair of Corkscrew Standard Lollipop Spiral Bay Trees - Laurus nobilis Twisted Stem circa 120cm

Pair of Corkscrew Standard Lollipop Spiral Bay Trees – Laurus nobilis Twisted Stem circa 120cm

The twisted bay tree is a strikingly beautiful tree with a twisted stem. It is an evergreen tree that can be offered as a gift or used to decorate gardens and patios. Other choices could be the standard buxus, buxus ball, buxus pyramid or the spiral bay tree.

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Double Twisted Stem Bay Tree

This hardy tree can withstand temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius. It gives rise to fresh fragrant bay leaves used to spice up a variety of cuisines. Aromatic essential oils can also be extracted from the dark green leaves of this tree. Bay trees produce tiny pretty yellow flowers which give it a warm feel.
How to Grow and Care for Twisted Bay Tree
The twisted bay tree can be planted directly in the ground of your little garden but it is best planted in containers. Just dig a hole and add some organic matter. Then place the plant’s root mass in the planting hole and water evenly.

The twisted bay tree is drought tolerant so deep watering it once a week is sufficient. When doing this, ensure the water drains freely from the pot. You will have to water it more frequently in summer.

Apply organic fertilizer to the soil surface as well as to the compost in spring and summer. Feeding is not necessary for winter because the tree is dormant during this time.

It is pruned in spring by trimming new shoots and getting rid of damaged branches. It may need more pruning in summer to keep it in good shape.
Where Should I Position My Twisted Bay Tree in My Garden?
The twisted bay tree is best positioned in a sunny but sheltered area of your garden. This ensures that your tree gets sufficient sunlight yet remains protected during extremely cold temperatures. It can also be positioned facing west or south.
How Tall Does Twisted Bay Tree Grow?
The twisted bay tree is a slow-growing plant. Under the right conditions, this unique tree can grow as tall as 59 feet. However, the ones grown indoors may not grow half as tall.
What Kind of Soil Does Twisted Bay Tree Need?
Twisted bay trees should be planted in well-drained fertile soil. You can use clay, loamy or sandy soil with a slightly acidic pH.

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