Yew, native to Europe and North Africa, has long been used for evergreen hedges but can also be utilised as a stand-alone plant in the garden. It is perfect for folks who are passionate about topiary because it’s so easy to shape and ideal for cloud thinning. It’s a good alternative to boxwood, which is more susceptible to disease due to its lifespan and hardiness. Other choices could be the standard buxusbuxus ballbuxus pyramid or the spiral bay tree

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English Yew Topiary Ball – Taxus baccata – Large

Additionally, it is also said to be a fantastic windbreaker, capable of withstanding gales of any magnitude as well as keeping curious neighbours at bay. However, keep in mind that yew is a poisonous plant, its berries are inedible, and all components of the tree are harmful to some extent.
How To Grow Yew Ball
This evergreen shrub or tree is native to Europe and dislikes wet soil though you can still grow a yew hedge in it if you plant on a ridge. Simply build a long mound that is at least 0.5 feet high and 3 feet broad, then let the earth settle before planting along the top. You can use at least 0.9 feet of dirt to cover the roots.
Where Should Yew Ball Be Position
Yew plants thrive in full sun, medium shade, and even complete shade. Choose a location that receives several hours of sun each day for healthy and lush branching growth. A lot of shade might make your plants grow thin and floppy.
How Tall Does Yew Ball Grow
Yew is a medium growing tree that grows 20-40cm per year and might be readily managed to reach a height of 2m – 4m.  Yew is a tree that loves to be pruned and can even be shaped as a topiary. If not pruned, the tallest species of common yew can grow to be over 65 feet tall depending on the specie 
How Much Does Yew Plant Spread
Yew balls spread as far as 4 to 6 feet wide. 
What Kind Of Soil Does Yew Ball Need?
Yew may grow in a variety of soil types as long as they have excellent drainage. Avoid root rot by making sure the soil is well-drained. Yew grows well in moist, loamy soil with a neutral pH.

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