Calocephalus brownii - Silver Threads Plant

Calocephalus brownii – Silver Threads Plant

How To Care For Calocephalus Plants

Calocephalus also called “Silver Bush” or “Cushion Bush” is a low maintenance plant that is easy to grow and care for. It can be grown in any location regardless of the weather conditions but might require extra care during harsh winter seasons. A common type is Calocephalus Brownii which you can learn more about here. 

Calocephalus brownii – Silver Threads Plant

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For the best care of Calocephalus plants, take note of the appropriate growing conditions for each element. They thrive in poor soil as long as it is well-draining, when exposed to sunlight, and pruned regularly to keep them looking vibrant. They like warm weather but can survive some low temperatures.


Is Calocephalus Hardy?
Calocephalus is a genus of flowering plants in the Asteraceae. They are native to Australia and hence are adapted to the temperate regions of Australia. They are perennial herbs and shrubs and can tolerate mild frost of -2 degrees celsius in colder regions.

To answer the topic of discussion, Calocephalus are slightly hardy plants. Let’s see other important points about caring for Calocephalus.

How do you grow Pycnosorus globosus?
Pycnosorus globosus, a flowering perennial shrub commonly called Billy buttons or Drumsticks is a low maintenance shrub that can be grown in moist clay, sandy, loamy soil, or potting mix regardless of the acid or alkaline level of the soil as long as it is well-draining and placed in the sun or partial shade.

What is Convolvulus Cneorum?
Convolvulus cneorum is not to be confused with Calocephalus. It is also sometimes called silverbush but is not the same as Caloceohalus ‘Silverbush’. It is a plant in the Convolvulus family which is a world apart from plants in the Asteraceae family.

It is prone to root rot and fungal pathogens that cause spotting on the leaves. Root rot can be treated by avoiding soggy soil and overwatering. The fungal pathogens can be combated by pruning out affected leaves and branches.

Where does Calocephalus grow?
Calocephalus is naturally occurring on the Southern coast of Australia and other island regions nearby. It is now cultivated globally and can be grown and can be seen growing as an ornamental plant in low maintenance gardens in the UK, USA, and other regions.

How To Propagate A Silverbush
Calocephalus ‘Silverbush’ is propagated from cuttings taken in late summer and early autumn.

Is Calocephalus a Perennial?
Calocephalus plants can either be annual plants or perennials depending on the species and varieties. For example, Calocephalus lacteus and Calocephalus brownii are small perennial shrubs while Calocephalus sonderi is an annual plant.

The presence of annual and perennial species in the same genus is common with the Asteraceae family. Pycnosorus genus in the same family has species that are both annuals and perennials.

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