Cordyline Pink Passion – Learn, Buy, Grow

If you want to add some colour to your garden, the striking cordyline australis pink passion plant will light up your garden with its passionate, ethereal pink and grey colours.  Their dashing good looks can be flaunted by putting them in containers and placing them at corners as architectural shrubs.

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These evergreen bushy statement plants need bright sunlight or part shade. Make sure that you use well drained soil for cordylines which will allow water to seep through to the roots.

Cordyline australis "Pink Passion" - Stunning Pink Patio Torbay Palm Cordyline

Cordyline australis “Pink Passion” – Stunning Pink Patio Torbay Palm Cordyline

How to care for Cordyline australis “Pink Passion” – Stunning Pink Torbay Palm

Neutral pH is best suited for cordylines, as it protects the soil and foliage, although it is fine in all types. No pruning is required for this plant. MORE: What to plant with Cordylines?

Feeding and fertiliser requirements

Balanced fertiliser can be applied to cordylines twice every month during summers as it is peak growth time. It is advised not to spray fertilisers during winters as growth slows and will affect the plant’s roots.

Cordyline Australis Pink Passion

Cordyline Australis Pink Passion

Common insect pests on cordylines

Common insect pests of cordylines are red spiders and scale insects which can be avoided by spraying a light insecticide that does not harm the colour of the leaves. Don’t worry about pests though, because cordylines usually are pest free and don’t attract animals which can feed on them. In conclusion, cordylines work as great focal points in your garden.

Which aspect does cordyline pink passion need?

South, East or West facing and sheltered.

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Cordyline Trees FAQs

What soil type is best for cordyline pink passion?

Moist, but well drained soil. Happy in many soil types such as chalk, Loam, Clay & Sand.

How big do cordyline pink passion grow?

They can reach 1-1.5m, in 10-20 years. Spread 0.6 – 1m.

How do you take care of a pink passion Cordyline?

Water freely during the growing season, and feed monthly.

Is pink Cordyline Hardy?

Yes, they can handle down to -6c. They are less hardy the smaller they are. H3.

Do Cordylines like sun or shade?

Happy in the sun or part shade.

Where can I buy cordyline pink passion?

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