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Cordyline ‘Pink star’ is a striking, variegated cultivar of Cordyline australis. It is an upright, single-stemmed, palm-like, evergreen, small tree. It is a gorgeous mutation of the ‘red star’ variety and is great in pots and containers.

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Cordyline australis Pink Star

Cordyline australis Pink Star

How large will ‘Pink star’ get?

‘Pink star’ is a compact plant, and it will attain a final height and spread of 1 metre.

What will ‘Pink star’ look like?

‘Pink star’ is a very attractive plant. It has stiff, sword-like leaves that is an exquisite mix of red and pink that shoots out of a central stem.

Small and fragrant cup-shaped, white flowers may be produced in early summer.

How do I grow Cordyline australis pink star?

Grow Cordyline australis pink star in any soil type that is moist, fertile, and well permeable. The pH of the soil can be acidic, alkaline, or neutral. Well-rotted manure, organic material or compost can be used to boost the soil. Sow in loam-based compost when growing in pots, greenhouses or under glass.

Where can I position Cordyline australis pink star in my garden?
Plant ‘Pink star’ in a sheltered and partially shaded area of your garden where it can receive full sunlight.

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