Dahlia Black Jack is an exciting and fabulous choice of plant for gardeners who love dark velvety blooms. This show-stopping semi-cactus variety is one of the darkest varieties of Dahlia and produces large dark purple flowers with spiky petals coming out of its sensational near-black centre. The beauty of the Dahlia Black Jack plant is intensified by the dark green foliage colour, which is unusual for the Dahlia cultivar, that contrast against reddish veins and stems. 

Dahlia Black Jack

Dahlia Black Jack

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Dahlia Black Jack is a great choice for your patio pot, garden borders, or in a cut flower vase. It also looks great when grown with other Dahlia plants or other plants that feature silvery foliage.

How to grow Dahlia Black Jack

Dahlia ‘black Jack’ is best planted in spring so that it can be well established before its flowering season in summer. When planting, make sure that the plants have enough planting space between buds, at least 60 centimetres apart to ensure that they don’t get overcrowded as they grow. Also, support young plants with brushwood or canes if necessary. To ensure the best growth and blooms use feed the plant with a nitrogen-based fertilizer once a week throughout June before blooms emerge in July.

Where should I position the Dahlia Black Jack in my garden?

Like other cultivars of Dahlia, ‘black jack’ grows best when exposed to full sun. The foliage and flower colours are the best when grown in full sun.

How tall does Dahlia Black Jack grow and spread?

It is a small plant that reaches a height of 1.5 to 1.8 metres and spreads 1.2 metres.

What kind of soil does Dahlia Black Jack need?

It can grow in most soil types as long as it is fertile, organically rich soil. It needs averagely moist soil especially in extremely hot weather to avoid the plant from suffering dehydration.

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