Eucomis – Learn how to grow and where to buy

Eucomis, commonly called pineapple flowers or pineapple lilies, is a genus of flowering plants from the subfamily Scilloideae and the family of Asparagaceae native to South Africa. 

Eucomis bicolor

Eucomis bicolor

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It blooms spikes of open-faced, star-shaped flowers that are reminiscent of the pineapple fruit, hence the name. At the bottom of the flower spikes, a rosette of long, green, strappy, thick leaves that has a resemblance to the pineapple leaves. 

The pineapple lilies bloom for 6 to 8 weeks and produce rich nectar that attracts pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. Eucomis is a great border plant that also looks good as container plants on patios.

Growing and Caring For Eucomis

Eucomis is a low-maintenance plane, easy to grow and easy to care for. They are best suited as outdoor plants and are hardly found growing as indoor plants, but they can be grown in containers for outdoor spaces such as terraces and patios.

Where can I buy Eucomis or find for sale in the UK?

Eucomis Propagation methods

Pineapple flowers are often propagated by planting the bulbs it produces or by seed. A less common and somewhat unusual propagation method is to take leaf cuttings. 

The ideal planting season is early spring after all signs of frost have gone to give it enough time to develop for its summer blooms.

Growing Conditions for Eucomis

What kind of soil does Eucomis need?

The ideal soil type is moist, well-draining, and can be alkaline, neutral, or acidic. Chalk, sand, or loamy soil is a great choice. For container plants, ordinary potting soil can be used but ensure that the container has drainage holes.

How much light does Eucomis need?

It needs full sunlight or partial exposure to sunlight but should be protected from the intense afternoon sun. After blooming exposing the plant to sunlight will help the bulbs to develop.

How much water does Eucomis need?

It has average water needs so it should be watered fairly regularly to keep the topsoil moist.

Does Eucomis need pruning?

Pruning is not required for pineapple lilies. However, you can remove dead leaves in autumn. Leave the leaves in place after the blooming period to allow the plant to continue photosynthesis.

Does Eucomis need fertiliser?

Fertilise your plants and planting site in early spring with a general fertiliser.

Eucomis pests and diseases: The leaves of a Eucomis can be attacked by slugs, snails, and aphids but are generally free from disease.

Eucomis Temperature and Humidity: They are not hardy plants and can easily be damaged by low temperatures during winter. Move container plants indoors or to greenhouses where they can get the temperature levels needed for survival.

Varieties Of Eucomis

Common varieties of Ecomis are Eucomis ‘Glow sticks’, Eucomis ‘Autumnalis’, Eucomis ‘bicolour’, Eucomis ‘Tugela jade’.