Chimineas – A selection of cheap Chimineas for keeping you warm!

An awesome addition to any garden, especially for the nights towards the end of the summer when you still want to be able to sit outside but you’d like to be just that little bit warmer. This is where the awesome Chimineas are well worth investing in, they look great, keep you a little bit warmer and yet another excuse to spend even longer in the garden. Get involved!

Will A Chiminea Keep You Warm?

The unequivocal answer is yes. Chimineas are freestanding fireplaces that produce heat and will keep you warm in the winter. They produce a deceptive amount of heat, keeping you warm and nearly toasty while you enjoy the crisp winter air. It is an attractive addition to your garden and it can also be used indoors. 

Furthermore, they can be used to enhance your home’s fireplace, create a centrepiece on your patio, and add heat to evening outdoor gatherings where you can have fu and roast marshmallows. They are designed to produce a very hot fire by combining small, even tiny decorative logs known as “embers” with superheated air.

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