idooka Metal Barrel Plant Pot Pair with Wooden Stands

idooka Metal Barrel Plant Pot Pair with Wooden Stands

Plant pot stands are a beautiful interior decoration that displays multiple plants at a time and can be placed in different corners of your home creating a comfortable environment with a touch of nature. It brings the outdoors into your home and creates a dramatic impact even in the smallest spaces.

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Furthermore, it is ideal for all indoor spaces including offices, apartments, balconies, patios, etc. Moreover, plant pot stands make indoor plant care much simpler and make redecorating and changes easier because they are easy to move around.

Types of Plant Pot Stands

Hanging plant pot stands

These are some of the best decorative designs for a pot stand. The containers are suspended off the ground to save space. When used outdoors, they can be simultaneously used for light decorations in gardens or on the porch, and indoors they can be used as wall decorations. They are available in different materials and sizes but it is most aesthetically pleasing and safe when they are smaller. They look great with bedding plants and trailing plants. Hanging plant pot stands are also called hanging plant baskets and can be made of iron or ceramic.

Foldable plant pot stands

This is another plant decoration usually made from wood or metal. They are double as ladder plant stands having between 3 and 5 tiers ad plant shelves. They look great with small plant pots carrying succulents, cacti, or plants with stems that cascade down the sides of the stand. They are foldable so that makes them easier to move around and you can easily store them away when you no longer need them.

Tripod plant pot stands

It is not only cameras that require tripod stands. A popular design of plant pot stands includes a tripod stand. They add a modern interior to your home and are ideal corner pieces in your home. They sometimes have tiers where you can place 2 or 3 plant pots. They are available made with metal or wood.

Where to buy Plant Stands?

Advantages of Plant Pot stands

Simple and Practical: A plant pot stand is made up of the planer and the plant pot. This is the most practical design as it makes it much easier to move around and redecorate the interior. Unlike the traditional flower pots that are large and heavy.

Saves Space and Money: Plant stands stay above the ground and come in various forms. You can have hanging plant stands, or plant stands that can carry more than one plant pot. This way you save space on the ground and can have twice as many plants unlike when you use large flower pots. Interior decoration is also much easier with plant stands. 

Plants That Look Better On Pot Stands

Ideally, most houseplants will look better on pot stands because the pot stands accessorise the plants and can highlight their best features. Here are our top picks for plants that look significantly better on pot stands.

  1. Howea forsteriana “Kentia palms”: This is a dwarf palm species that grow straight with the palm fronds appearing to be shooting straight from the soil. They make a beautiful corner piece in your sitting room or library when placed in slightly elevated plant pots.
  2. Succulents: many succulents look great in a pot stand regardless of the size. Most of them have unique shapes that look great on pot stands on the porch or indoors.
  3. Maranta leuconeura “Prayer plants”: They are a great option for plant pot stands. Their variegated wide leaves look great bursting out of a small pot stand in the centre of a room. You can mix them up with other indoor plants to get the best effects.
  4. Beaucarnea recurvata “Ponytail palm”: A succulent that looks similar to a palm with strappy curved foliage that falls over a swollen trunk looks best sitting in the corner of a room with a colourful pot that makes it stand out. 
  5. Epipremnum aureum “Pothos”: Pothos doesn’t require much fuss and it is a low-maintenance plant. It is a plant with long strands of stems that look much better dangling from a plant pot. Alternatively, they can be placed on wall pot stands to cascade down the wall trimmings.


What can be used as a plant stand?

Wood, metal, terracotta, and sometimes plastics can all be used to create pot stands.

How do I select the best indoor plant stand?

Consider the needs of the plant in terms of water and draining, the space available indoors, cost, and type of pot stand.

Are plant stands good for plants?

Plant stands are great for plants. They make caring for indoor plants much easier and using them as a decoration is also great.

Do I need a plant stand?

If you are keen on caring for indoor plants then you will need a plant stand.

Do I need to create drainage for my potted plants?

Most potted plants need drainage to avoid root rot but some pot stands come with drainage. Alternatively, you can purchase a drainage tray for your plants.