After Trachycarpus fortunei, Chamaerops humilis or European Fan Palm is the most popular palm for growing in a UK climate. It is one of only two indigenous palms growing in Europe, being the northernmost naturally occurring palm in the world that can be found growing wild on the Mediterranean coast of southern France. This majestic and fairly tough clump forming palm grows up to 4m tall in its native habitats, though much< less in the British Isles. My tallest plant is just over 2m tall after about 15 years and unusual for this palm single trunked as they are usually more shrub-like clumping palm, with several trunks growing from a single base. It is a very drought tolerant palm, with fan-shaped leaves up to 61cm (24in) in width and length and is deeply divided into multiple segments that are themselves split at the tip on spiny stems.

There is a compact blue-leafed form Chamaerops ‘cerifera’, that is native to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. A bushy form hailing from the Aeolian Islands in Italy is marketed under the name of ‘volcano’ with short, very stiff palmate leaves that are sometimes silvery-green on the underside.

Common Name: European Fan Palm
Latin Name: Chamaerops humilis or European Fan Palm
Tenderness Rating: Hardy to at least -10C
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun
Soil Condition: Well drained soil, Drought tolerant

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