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Acacia dealbata ‘Gaulois Astier’ is a small evergreen tree covered in yellow, fluffy, stunning flowers from late winter to early spring. They also have masses of spherical fragrant, brightly coloured, and elegant flowerheads that look like pompoms. 

Even more, these flowerheads contrast against bright green, fern-like, feathery foliage that keeps your garden interesting throughout the year – this is coupled with the excellent splash of early and late season colour they bring to your garden.

One more thing, Gaulois Astier grows up to 6m high with a 7m wide spread of naturally rounded canopy of weeping branches.

How to grow Gaulois Astier

You can plant your Gaulois Astier at any time of the year. But first, you need to remove the grass and weed around the planting hole – this should preferably be in a sheltered location.

Also, ensure the hole is as deep as the plant’s root mass and twice as wide. Plus, after the plant flowers, prune lightly by cutting back any shoot that messes with the tree’s shape.

Where should I position Mimosa Tree in my garden?

You can enjoy Gaulois Astier as an amazing addition to your garden if you place it in a sheltered and sunny spot. As a focal point, these plants look magnificent against fences or walls – the walls serve as a backdrop for showcasing their stunning foliage.

Also, you can easily use these plants to create an early burst of colour in your space. How? By underplanting with spring bulbs.

What kind of soil does Gaulois Astier need?

For a Gaulois Astier to grow properly, it needs a moist but well-drained, moderately fertile soil until it’s mature – at that point, it can survive in a soil that is slightly dry.

One thing you should know is that these plants don’t do well in waterlogged soil. So, before you plant your Gaulois Astier, add well-rotted organic matter to grit to your clay soil.

Also, you can plant this tree outdoors in neutral to acidic soil, as long as it’s sheltered from frost. But, if you happen to have it ‘under glass,’ make sure it’s in full light and loam-based compost.

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Last Modified: June 12, 2022