Adams Laburnum - Laburnocytisus adamii - 130-160cm Heavy Grade Young Tree
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Adams Laburnum tree or ‘Adamii’ is a small deciduous tree with beautiful flowers that bloom in spring. Even more, some of the branches of this tree have yellow flowers and foliage like other common Laburnum while others have intermediate dull yellowish-pink flowers with a purple broom.

Since Laburnum is a part of the pea family, its stunning yellow-colour flowers are usually pea-shaped. Plus, they grow on pendulous and long racemes.

Also, even though this tree has both male and female reproductive systems, it can still be pollinated by insects. And, just like other plants of the pea family, the fruits of Adamii are borne in light green pods that turn brown from July to August when they ripen.

How to grow Adams Laburnum Tree

True, the Adams Laburnum tree is easy to grow. However, you need to provide them with a sunny spot.

Also, even though it is a low-maintenance tree – they don’t even need feeding or watering – you need to prune it when it’s out of shape.

Just like you would with most trees, you can plant your Adams Laburnum tree in winter or autumn. How? You can dig a hole wider than the rootball and just as deep.

You should also add a lot of well-rotted garden compost or manure to the hole and backfill with garden soil. Then, mulch with more garden compost and manure before staking.

One thing to note is that this tree thrives well in the British climate as well as in most conditions. Also, even though you can grow them from seeds, you can propagate the Adams Laburnum tree by grafting.

What kind of soil does Adams Laburnum Tree need?

Just like we mentioned earlier, you need to plant your Adams Laburnum tree in a sunny spot. But what about the soil?

Well, for your Adams Laburnum tree to grow well, you need to plant it in well-drained soil of loam, clay, sand, or chalk. But, you need to make sure the soil doesn’t get waterlogged as this usually kills them.

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Last Modified: June 12, 2022