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Commonly called “blue ice”, the Andromeda plant is a compact, low growing shrub. This plant produces nodding bell-like pink flowers in clusters during the spring. 

This plant is capable of growing up to 0.1-1.5m in height. It has a spread of 0.5-1m. This particular species is referred to by the Royal Horticultural Society as as one of the best “plants for pollinators”. 

How To Grow Andromeda Plant Blue Ice

Andromeda blue ice is best cultivated on a moist, well-drained and acidic soil. The soil should also have ample amount of ericaceous compost added during planting time. The plant has a H4 hardiness. Propagation is done by layering, suckers or softwood cuttings. 

The best position for this plant in the garden includes full shade, full sun, or partial shade. 

Pruning should be done after blooming just fruit and bud set for the next season. Ensure you remove damaged branches, dead or diseased ones as well. 

Andromeda plant blue ice should be grown on a soil with an acidic pH for optimum growth. The best planting location for the Andromeda plant blue ice includes: rock garden, patio and container plants, ground cover, flower borders and beds, etc. 

There are many benefits to having this plant in your garden. It is the perfect plant for a groundcover or edging. It is also essential in northern gardens where certain plants can’t survive owing to the frosts.

Andromeda plant blue ice is appealing to the eye because of the powdery blue color of its foliage. It is easy to cultivate and thus will not present any problem for beginners.

Its slender leaves maintain an elegant appearance that is constant throughout the year. Their durability also ensure you are never deprived of their beauty. Growing this plant also means you don’t clean often because it is a tidy plant. 

This plant is a good choice if you are passionate about wildlife and want to encourage pollination in your surroundings! 

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Last Modified: May 6, 2023