Callistemon Splendens
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This plant is also referred to as Crimson bottlebrush. It is an evergreen shrub and the current holder of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. Callistemon splendens bottlebrush has a peculiar pink foliage mixed with red when young, and changes to dark green when mature.

It has a height of between 4-8m and a spread of between 2.5-4m. With a hardiness of H3, crimson bottlebrush leaves release an aromatic scent when bruised. 

How To Grow Callistemon Splendens Bottlebrush 

Callistemon splendens is best cultivated in a sheltered position in full sunlight. It is important that the soil used should be one that is well-drained and moist. 

It is also able to tolerate many soil conditions. For optimum growth, keep the plant away from very cold, or dry winter winds. 

The propagation of this plant is done via the seed or semi-hardwood cuttings. Suggested planting location for this type of plant includes: wall-side borders, patio and container plants, city and courtyard gardens, as well as Mediterranean climate plants. 

You should look out for pests like scale insects, mealy bugs, and glasshouse red spider mites on the callistemon splendens when cultivated under glass. 


Callistemon Splendens Bottlebrush diseases and pests

There is no worry about diseases because this plant is generally disease-free. It adds to the collection of plants that can give your garden the much needed uplift. 

If you choose this particular plant, you can expect it to flower between April and August. Grows well against a sunny wall, providing an ample amount of interest throughout the year. 

Callistemon Splendens Bottlebrush flowers 

The blooms of the callistemon splendens are sources of nectar for hummingbirds natively. 

It performs better with regular irrigation but it is also resistant to drought. 

It is advisable that you prune the plant immediately after flowering. There is no reason why this plant shouldn’t be among your collection. 

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Last Modified: July 1, 2022