Camellia Japonica Bella Rossa
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Camellia Japonica Bella Rossa is an outstanding plant with evergreen, glossy, dark-green leaves – this shouldn’t be surprising as it is typical of most Camellias.

The plant also has gorgeous dark-red double flowers that bloom once it’s spring – they cover the large shrub for a couple of weeks. Even more, when planted towards the back of a border, Camellia Japonica provides some form of structure. But there’s more!

This plant gives your garden some colour throughout the year. Plus, it provides a great foil for other plants that bloom in summer or spring.

How to grow Camellia Japonica Bella Rossa

If you want to grow Camellia Japonica, you need to know two major things – they need acid or ericaceous soil, preferably between 5.5-6.5 pH, and partial shade. But, there’s a work-around if the pH in your area is neutral.

To make the soil in your area more acidic, add composted pine needles, leaf mould, or composted bracken to the hole before mulching them. Even more, you can decide to go with bark chippings or ericaceous compost after planting your Camellia Japonica.

The other option is to grow your Bella Rossa in a pot. In this case, you need to use a 3m wide pot and a peat-free, soil-based ericaceous compost mix.

Make sure you water thoroughly before you start, in its original pot and preferably with rainwater. Also, allow the roots to drain and ensure they are fully saturated. 

Lastly, it’s best to place the pot in its final position before planting – it might become quite heavy after you plant it. Plus, ensure the base of your pot has enough holes. Don’t also forget to add crocks to the pot to improve drainage.

Where should I position Camellia Japonica Bella Rossa in my garden?

It’s best to place your Bella Rossa in a space that is in full or dappled shade. You should choose a space that gets morning shade – direct sun in the morning quickly dries out developing flower buds.

What this means is that you should go with a sheltered spot – Camellia Japanoica is a woodland plant and does not thrive in windy, exposed spots or south-facing, sunny spots.

Where can I find Camellia Japonica Bella Rosa for sale to buy online in the UK?

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Last Modified: May 6, 2023