Clematis Country Rose - How to grow and where to buy in the UK
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Clematis country rose is able to produce many flowers. It is also able to bloom over an extended period of time. In appearance, its flowers are double and peculiar. The plant got its name from the colour of its flower, especially the colour along its veins and tips.

This plant is ideal for covering a fence. You can also cultivate it if you want to cover your garden structures. Gardeners can run this plant through shrubs. The clematis country rose is becoming increasingly popular among plant growers. 

The plant is sure to add colour, texture, and warmth to your surrounding. You will leave your guests amazed when they see this plant in its full bloom. 

Even if you have other type of plants in your garden, this particular one complement them in terms of overall appearance. 

How Tall Is clematis country rose?

Th clematis country rose can grow as tall as 1.5-2.5m in about 2-5 years. It has a spread of between 0.5-1m. This popular plant has a hardiness of H6.

How to grow clematis country rose?

It is best grown on a well-drained, moisture-retentive soil. It is important that the roots and base of this plant are kept cool and shaded by other plants. Also, a layer of pebbles can be used at the base. Full sun or partial shade is the ideal position for this plant. 

Clematis country rose should be planted with the crown 2-3 inches deep into the ground. This will stimulate the growth of new shoots from below ground level. You can grow this plant in containers that are 18 inches (or 45cm) deep. Use a soil-based potting compost as well. 

How to propagate clematis country rose?

Use semi-ripe cuttings for propagation in the summer, and softwood cuttings in the spring. Layering is ideal for late winter or early spring. 

Planting locations for clematis country rose includes: wall side borders, patio and container plants, flower borders and beds, city and courtyard gardens, etc. 

Clematis country rose diseases and pests

It is important to know that this plant is not immune to diseases. It is susceptible to powdery mildews, clematis slime flux, and clematis wilt.

Aphids, capsid bugs, and slugs are some of the pests that the clematis country rose attracts. Hence extra care should be taken with this plant. 

Where to buy Clematis country rose in the UK?

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Last Modified: May 6, 2023