Cycads live for a very long amount of time
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Cycads are vascular plant-like palms. As ancient as they are, you can grow them as indoor or outdoor ornamental plants in your garden or home. Cycads thrive best in moist but well-drained soils. It is essential that you water them twice-weekly in the warm months and in cooler months, water them sparingly. Read more about Cycads here.

It is advisable that your cycads are exposed to proper air movements and sunlight when grown outdoors. These are necessary for their strong and healthy growth. 

Your cycads should be positioned in full sun on the patio. Position them in the garden until the threat of frost in autumn is close, then move inside / or somewhere warmer. A regular feed will help stimulate new flushes of growth in spring. 

If you choose to grow them indoors, you need to be wary of dust. The amount of dust they accumulate can limit the amount of light the plants can absorb. The recommended step to take in such dusty situations is to wipe the leaves downward with a slightly soapy water.


How to care for Cycads

Cycads (such as this Cycas revoluta) are able to thrive in variety of soils. However, you need to ensure you add any general purpose compost with a mixture of John Innes no. 3 and some slow releasing fertiliser. The combination of those would ensure that your cycads are growing at an optimum level.

Ensure that you grow your cycads in free draining soil when you opt to plant them in the ground. Multipurpose compost is essential in backfilling the planting hole. Then create a ring of soil around the hole so that it can accommodate water.


What Fertiliser Feed For Your Cycads

Fertilisers are vital for your cycads during their growing season. You should take extra care so you don’t overfeed them. Ensure you follow the right dosage when applying the fertiliser.

Fertilisers are very important for cycads that are planted in pots. Following the correct procedure as regards fertiliser application will ensure that your cycads grow up to give extra brightness to your garden. 


Last Modified: May 6, 2023