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Daphne burkwoodii Astrid has pale pink flowers with oblong leaves and clusters at the end of each branches in late spring. The Daphne burkwoodii astrid can grow as much as between 0.5-1m in height within 5-10 years. The plant has a spread of about 1-1.5m. 

How to grow Daphne burkwoodii Astrid

You can grow Daphne burkwoodii astrid in a moderately humus-rich, fertile soil. Ensure that the soil is also well-drained. However, it shouldn’t be a dry soil in sun or partial shade

It is important to mulch in order to keep the plant’s root cool. Avoid transplanting to get the best out of the plant. It has a hardiness of H4

Pruning is also not advised. The only time pruning is necessary is when the plant is diseased or when there is abnormal growth. 

In such situation, pruning should he done in early spring or immediately after flowering. The sap of this plant may be irritating to the skin. It is not advisable to consume any part of Daphne burkwoodii astrid as they are toxic. 


Where to grow Daphne burkwoodii Astrid

Full sun and partial shade is the best position for the Daphne burkwoodii astrid. Ensure the plant is properly sheltered. Daphne burkwoodii astrid thrives best in gardens such as gravel garden, rock garden, flower borders and beds. 

How to propagate Daphne burkwoodii Astrid

It is advisable to take semi-ripe cuttings and nodal stem-tip greenwood cutting as the base starts to become firm. A free-draining compost known as hormone rooting compound, and bottom heat of 15 degrees will help to improve rooting. 

You can propagate this plant by grafting. It is important to note also that layering of the shoots may take a whole year in order to be well rooted. 

Why choose Daphne burkwoodii astrid? Its fragrant flowers injects comfort and warmth into your surrounding. If you are tired of using regular plants for your garden or home, this is a plant you can consider. 

As a beginner in the world of gardening, this plant is easy to cultivate and provides an extra insight into how to be a better gardener. 

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Last Modified: May 6, 2023