Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree
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If you’re looking colourful plants, the dwarf Korean Lilac tree or Syringa Palibin is definitely on the list. It bears masses of panicles of purple-pink, sweet-smelling flowers that bloom from late spring till early summer. What else? These flowers contrast dark green, oval leaves – all adding some colours to your garden.

The Syringa Palibin is great for growing in small gardens or sunny ornamental borders, and even in pots – it’s slow-growing and compact which makes it suitable for these environments.

More so, this plant is a low-spreading, compact, dense, deciduous shrub that gets covered with sweet-fragrant flowers. Also, even though it is smaller than the species, the drak green leaves of the Syringa Palibin stay attractive in summer and have extreme resistance to powdery mildew.

Even more, they have a stunning reddish bronze colour in fall that extends throughout its season of interest. Plus, they have high tolerance to urban pollution and are an excellent option for attracting butterflies to your garden when they bloom.

How to grow Syringa Palibin

Syringa Palibin, like other Lilacs, needs a well-drained soil – preferably on that doesn’t get waterlogged during winter – and full sun to flower properly.

Also, a standard Syringa Palibin gets up to 5 feet tall when mature. So, if you grow it in a pot or container, it’s best to use loam-based, fertile compost like John Innnes no 3 – this sustains for a long time.

When it comes to pruning, you can prune your miniature Syringa Palibin right after it finishes flowering – this way, you don’t affect any newly developing flower buds. 

Also, you should trim the plant into shape and get rid of suckers that may be growing from the base – these suckers drain the plant’s energy so it’s best to remove them.

What kind of soil does Syringa Palibin need?

The dwarf Korean Lilac tree thrives best in a humus-rich, fertile, well-drained neutral to alkaline soil. They also grow well in chalky ground and prefer mulching if you plant them in full sun.

Also, you should remove any damaged or dead flowers and mulch the plant every year during spring – use manure or well-rotted compost to mulch.

Where to find Syringa Palabin for sale in the UK

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Last Modified: June 12, 2022