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Botanically referred to as Ficus rubiginosa, large fig tree posses wide spreading crown. It can grow as high as between 8-12m and it takes between 20-50 years to attain maximum height. Occasionally, large fig trees are harvested from the wild and used to meet local demand for wood.

Large fig trees are suitable to be used as shades, and sometimes as a hedge. The fruits of a large fig tree changes from green to greenish-brown when ripe. With a spread of wider than 8m, this plant has a hardiness of H1B. 

How To Grow Ficus rubignosa fig tree

Large fig trees thrive best in loam-based potting compost. Fine bark chippings are added in a position of full or partial light. It is important you water moderately and apply nitrogen-rich fertiliser monthly when cultivating. This plant is also tolerant to acidic and alkaline soils. 

Growing Ficus rubignosa indoors

Ensure the plant is moist during the winter period. Regular misting and being position on a pebble tray in a warm dry atmosphere will benefit the plant immensely. The temperature requirement is pegged at not below 13 degrees in winter. 

Large fig trees aren’t equipped to survive in drafty situations and keep heated fumes away from them. 

They are propagated by seeds at between 15-21 degrees in spring. Semi-hardwood or leaf-bud cuttings are ideal for propagation on summer or spring. 

Suitable planting locations for large fig trees included: low maintenance, patio and container plants.

It is important that you look out for glass house red spider mites, and scale insects when the plant is cultivated under glass. 

Why should this plant interest you? 

Large fig tree got the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. This plant can serve as a house plant in spaces that have different types of lighting. 

In its lightweight form, the wood of this plant is useful in making toys, boxes, and other small objects. The light-colored wood from this plant can also be used to beautify your home. 

Many people are embracing this plant readily because of how easy its leaves are to work with, especially for those who engage in Bonsai work. It is even labeled as the best for beginners to work with.

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Last Modified: July 1, 2022