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Gerbera plants are botanically referred to as Gerbera jamesonii, and are native to South Africa. The major reason why many gardeners opt for this plant is because of its daisy-like flowers. 

You can find Gerbera plants in different colours. You can either go for the orange, white, pink, yellow, or salmon colours. Their flower size is between 2-13cm. 

There are a variety of Gerbera plant cultivars which are cultivated for their colour and flower shape. Their hardiness ranges between H2 and H4.

How To Grow Gerbera jamesonii

Gerbera plants are best able to thrive in sandy soils and in a position of full sun. The addition of a little compost will ensure that their flower growth is maximized. Bright indirect light and well-draining propagation is necessary for newly sown seeds. 

These categories of plants are capable of growing as high as 20-40cm and a spread of about 30cm. You can grow these plants indoors as well as outside. They blend well with the following types of gardens: summer bedding, tropical borders, small gardens, etc.

Planting them en masse will ensure you get the best possible outcome. You may choose to cultivate a single colour, or combine different colours. Either way, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful result.

Grow in containers, heated greenhouse, or conservatory when grown indoors. Their best position is where there is plenty of sun and a sheltered place. You can grow hardy Gerberas in raised beds and in borders. 

Cultivate hardy Gerberas in pots and move them to a sheltered porch during the winter in cold regions. 

The best way to prolong the lifespan of your Gerbera plant is by lifting the clump in early to mid-spring after several years of planting. Carefully break them into pieces, each with plenty leaves and roots. Then replant them in soils that have fertiliser in them. 

The blooms of Gerbera plants attract bees and other pollinating insects. For lovers of nature, this plant is perfect for you. There are Ideal for gardeners who want to host conservatory displays. Adding this particular set of plant to your garden will add elegance to your surrounding. Upgrade the look of your garden or home with Gerbera plants! 


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Last Modified: July 1, 2022