Hedera Helix Erecta English ivy - How to grow and where to buy
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Hedera Helix Erecta is the mature type of Hedera Helix, an English ivy,  an evergreen shrub that clings via the help of its aerial roots. You’ll normally find clusters of small flowers that are yellow-green in colour on it, its flowering shoots have foliage that are not as deeply lobed as its climbing, sterile shoots. 

This plant is infertile and incapable of climbing and trailing. The maximum height for Hedera Helix Erecta is pegged at between 0.5-1m and has a spread of between 0.1-0.5m. 

How Do I Grow Hedera Helix Erecta? 

Hedera Helix Erecta thrives best in a fertile, alkaline soil. The soil should also be rich in humus in order for it to attain its maximum growth. It can tolerate acidic soils as well. 

Propagation is best achieved via semi-hardwood cuttings in the summer. 

Hedera Helix Erecta isn’t immune to pests. You should always be on the lookout for aphids, vine weevils, and scale insects in the section of your garden or house that houses this plant.

This plant is also susceptible to leaf spot. It is advisable you observe it occasionally for signs of this disease, although the plant is rarely affected by it. 

It has a hardiness of H5. Also, be careful with the plant because it can trigger serve discomfort when ingested. Instances of skin irritation are also likely. Hence, it is important that you wear your gloves and use other protective equipment when handling. 

The ideal position for Hedera Helix Erecta is either full shade, full sun, or partial shade. Its evergreen nature means that you are guaranteed a lovely splendour when you add it to your garden. This plant is able to blend well with other plants in your garden to give it a distinct appearance. 


Last Modified: May 6, 2023